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       Inaugural Launching Ceremony of National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project was organised by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kalahandi at Vil- Pipalpada, Block- Lanjigara, Dist- Kalahandi on dated 20.1.2016. The said programme was sponsored by Technology Demonstration Component (Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture), Hyderabad.

      The programme was inaugurated by lightening the lamp by the esteemed Chief guests, Dr. S.R.K.Singh, Senior Scientist, ATARI, Zone-VII, He deliberately discussed the importance modules of NICRA project such as natural resource management, crop production system, Animal production sysytem and fisheries, institutional interventions before the packed villagers. He emphasized on cultivation of stress tolerant crops and different parameters of animal rearing system in a dry ecological niche. He also stressed the need for measuring the resilience of crop and livestock production systems as well as of the livelihoods of farmers. Overall effect of all these system on carbon sequestration and its consequence on global warming was the central theme of his lecture.

       Dr. Subash Chandra Mohapatra, Joint Director of extension of education, OUAT, Odisha discussed the importance of NICRA project on improvement of financial condition and sustainable livelihood of villagers. He stressed that the learning from NICRA should be mainstreamed to the development programmers and also that there should be an effort to utilize the learning in dealing with the impending drought situation. Dr. R.K.Pattanaik, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Bhawanipatna emphasised to educate farmers on carbon sequestration potential of different crops and cropping systems. He further stressed on cultivation of fodder crops and availability of these grasses to small ruminants in aberrant conditions. Mr. L. Palta Singh, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Kalahandi described various strains of paddy, millets and pulses in the midst of some unique and special character like resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, medicinal value, with good keeping and cooking quality etc. He specially emphasised on involvement of rural farm women’s in value addition of pulse, cereals and oil seeds.

       Sj. Sudhakar Sahoo, Deputy Director of Horticulture, Kalahandi encouraged the farmers of hilly region especially in the Lanjigarh block to cultivate the local cultivars of various vegetable and fruit crops. He also narrated about seed production techniques in some of vegetable crops in uplands of the village. Dr.B. S. Nayak, Associate Director of Research, Regional Research and Technology Transfer Station, Bhawanipatna described the resilience through adaptation in horticultural crops, pests, diseases and pollinators and bio fertilizers. Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Das, Additional District Veterinary Officer, Bhawanipatna light on the adaptation strategies for climate resilient livestock production.

         A total of 250 farmers and farm women from Pipalpada NICRA adopted village and periphery adjacent village of kalahandi district were participated in this programme. Agriculture Officer from the Dharmagarh, Narla, Lanjigarh block, NGO personnel from SANDHAN, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, Scientists from KVK, Kalahandi, Assistant and Associate Professors from College of Agriculture, Bhawanipatna and officials from the Line department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Watershed, Local sarapanch and Block Development Officer, Narla have participated in this event.

          The above event was covered by media like Doordarshan, All India Radio and also coverage was published in various local news paper like SAMAJ, ODISHA BHASKAR, PRAMEYA AND DHARITRI.